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I am in a new bubble


Bubble Timer (2016)  with Peter Minson

Getting rid of it all

Exhibition at Articulate Space, Sydney, Dec 2019 and Jan 2020. My comment on the current situation with the burning fires, water pipes that are blocked and deadlocked channels of thinking and communication – not only in Australia but also in the rest of this world. However, there are not enough plungers. People interacted with the plungers and moved them around in the gallery. Images by Ella Dreyfuss and Sue Callanan.


Saana factor

69°03’36.0″N 20°32’55.4″E 3-border point project 01

Crossing the borders of the three nations Finland, Norway and Sweden.
Yesterday my wonderful friend Andräa Schmidti Zeidler died after 3 years of fighting. So she also crossed a border.
Missing her badly, but happy as I believe she is nearby with me here.

3-border point project 02

In memory of the disordered zero point of Clandulla State Forest gallery

Ferret Out Loopholes at Articulate in Sydney


Happy to exhibit my work at Articulate’s progressive Ferret show (13.02.-26.02.2018) in Sydney: Ferret Out Loopholes – stay offline for the day without TV, email or social media. Unfollow and unfriend. Declutter dependencies. Shift priorities. Downsize consumption. Reconsider commitments. Learn new skills. Stop buying. Turn off all notifications. Focus on real life by keeping whole days unplanned.


ARTICULATE, Sydney – seven artists celebrate

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featured artists

Bet(tin)a Bruder featuring Andräa Schmidt featuring Carmen Luippold featuring Roohi Ahmed featuring Vanessa Henn featuring Hiroko Tanahashi featuring Sandra Heinz featuring forever, 2017, mixed media.
Articulate turns seven, 9 – 23 December 2017, Friday to Sunday, 11-5pm

Finland swamp experience

Happy participant in the workshop from Jamie Allen, Martin Howse and Jonathan Kemp at Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station, Finland, 03.-05.09.2017

Project examples – planetary counterpoles of Hyytiälä 01


Elastic Metric System

To facilitate the sociocultural transformation towards a culture with an enhanced sensorium, I implemented the New Elastic Metric System on an arbitrary basis as an intervention in public spaces such as cultural institutions and border areas.

Project examples – planetary counterpoles of Hyytiälä 07


Elastic Standard Metre

Unmeasuring the original metric system from 1795 located in Paris with the Elastic Standard Metre on a daily basis for one month. The measuring results varied each day. Video documentation, 2.30 min on Vimeo: Elastic Standard Metre

Project examples – planetary counterpoles of Hyytiälä 06


Organic Equilibrium

Transformed spirit levels with the vial embedded in organic materials to determine potential solutions outside of the binary paradigm (even / uneven) of conventional scientific rationality.

Project examples – planetary counterpoles of Hyytiälä 05

Viscous Timespacematter

Bergson’s concept of duration as an immeasurable flow and intuitive sense of time in contrast to mechanized clock-time was the basis of several experiments about time. Revamped time keepers literally softened the rigidity of ordered time. Video documentation, 2.40 min on Vimeo: 
Viscous Timers