I am in a new bubble


Bubble Timer (2016)  with Peter Minson

Disoriented Descartes in Grenoble (29.5.-04.09.16)


as part of Julien Villaret’s Ideal Reading at centre d’art Grenoble

Sydney – Articulate Space – Have Your Say 19.-20.12.2015



Sydney UTS – Happy with my students

Grad Show UTS Sydney

Grad show Vis Com UTS at the wharf in Sydney

20 November 2015 at 18:30 to 21 November 2015 at 16:00
Pier 2/3, Walsh Bay
Sydney, Australia 2000

For works – click below
UTS Sydney Visual Communication

Melbourne – Transversal Practice



Conference at VCA on New Materialism. More here:

Pure pleasure

Experimental Thinking / Design Practices


Ortho and Cups for Alice in Brisbane:
Experimental Thinking / Design Practices
18 September – 7 November 2015

Griffith University Art Gallery,
South Bank campus 226 Grey Street,
South Bank, Brisbane.

video: https://vimeo.com/138488176

The Tools – exhibition at gallery tête, Berlin





Manipulated clocks


Even better: placing the image in original size results in a distortion of the aspect ratio according to preformatted sizes of the template. This aspect of visual articulation is part of my exploration in the elastic screen project.

I manipulated the clockhands of conventional clocks and replaced them with elastic latex material. Suddenly gravity becomes an important and influencing factor in the display of time. Some specific constellations of the clockhands are difficult for the rotation of the clockhands: when the hourly and minute clockhand move on top of each other the clockhand for seconds does not have enough energy to move over them and gets stucked. Furthermore the display of time gets creatural and anthropomorphic. Physical factors are not settled or reduced to a controlled, well organised sequence. Instead, they are encouraged and made apparent.

Shrinking rulers

Rulers in different materials shrunken with pressure cooker.
10, 15, 20 minutes.

Shrinking Cups

First experiment with pressure cooker to shrink styrofoam cups: from left to right the cups are shown from original size to shrinking times in the pressure cooker between 10 min. – 25 min.
The scale is shrinking and the cups lose elasticity. Filling the cup with water results in a roman appearing shape.

Exhibition: Articulate Space, Sydney – 11.04.2014

Hanging of 1 kilo rubberbands in Articulate art space. Got good responses as my work holds the space together and connects the other artworks. In the concept of the exhibition 5 artists per week react to the space and to previous works. In the left image abobe from India Zegan is Sach Catts response to my work like a manifestation of the tensile temporary forces I am referring to.

Text from Amy Prcevich

Taking its name from a traditional knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colours, the works in Fair Isle form a tapestry of conversations around fluidity and structure.

Beta Bruder’s Diagramatic Entanglements is an ensemble of elastic bands stretched to their limits and connected to each other and the corners of the building. The work gently directs viewers to draw their gaze to the periphery of the artwork and on to the structure of the building. The audience is encouraged to touch, pull and play with the bands causing them to bob, shudder and bounce. The viewer induced movement and mutation of the work makes us ponder the moments of fluidity and spontaneity that can occur within a fixed structure.

At the heart of all these works is a curated conversation about states of transition and in each form we get the sense that we are merely looking at one point in the life-span of an object or idea. As viewers we have the responsibly to be imaginative and contemplative in order to create ideas about the past and future based on these momentarily fixed states that form a connection between what is and what will be.

Clandulla State Forest Gallery – 2