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Finland swamp experience

Happy participant in the workshop from Jamie Allen, Martin Howse and Jonathan Kemp at Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station, Finland, 03.-05.09.2017


Preview: planetary counterpoles of Hyytiälä


Project examples:

Cups for Alice

Standard drinking cups made of polystyrene imprinted with a measurement scale were aboard of an oceanographic research vessel of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the US (NOAA) during an expedition in the Gulf of Mexico in a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV). Due to the increased air pressure, the cups shrank with every meter of descent resulting in tiny smurfed measuring cups. Link to video documentation, 2.25 min on Vimeo: Cups for Alice












Elastic Metric System

To facilitate the sociocultural transformation towards a culture with an enhanced sensorium, I implemented the New Elastic Metric System on an arbitrary basis as an intervention in public spaces such as cultural institutions and border areas.












Elastic Standard Metre

Unmeasuring the original metric system from 1795 located in Paris with the Elastic Standard Metre on a daily basis for one month. The measuring results varied each day. Video documentation, 2.30 min on Vimeo: Elastic Standard Metre












Organic Equilibrium

Transformed spirit levels with the vial embedded in organic materials to determine potential solutions outside of the binary paradigm (even / uneven) of conventional scientific rationality.












Disordered Zero Point of Clandulla State Forest

In a geometrical approximation the geographical zero point of Clandulla State Forest Gallery, NSW, Australia was determined at -32°53’37.6”, 149°56’6”. This mark was shifted to the main area of the open air exhibition (The Survey Show). Such flexibility of the zero point was represented by a mobile rotating device keeping the zero point in constant motion explicating the discrepancy between human made constructions and reality. Link to event: Clandulla State Gallery












Viscous Timespacematter

Bergson’s concept of duration as an immeasurable flow and intuitive sense of time in contrast to mechanized clock-time was the basis of several experiments about time. Revamped time keepers literally softened the rigidity of ordered time. Video documentation, 2.40 min on Vimeo: Viscous Timers













end of transmission

Experimental Thinking / Design Practices


Ortho and Cups for Alice in Brisbane:
Experimental Thinking / Design Practices
18 September – 7 November 2015

Griffith University Art Gallery,
South Bank campus 226 Grey Street,
South Bank, Brisbane.

video: https://vimeo.com/138488176

Clandulla State Forest Gallery


Disordered Zero Point of Clandulla State Forest

Survey show of Clandulla State Gallery, NSW, Australia

In a geometrical approximation process the geographical zero point of Clandulla State Forest was determined at -32°53’37.6”, 149°56’6”. This mark was shifted to the main area of the one-day exhibition. Such flexibility of the zero point is represented by a mobile rotating device, which keeps the zero point in constant motion.

The project materialises the discrepancy between human made constructions offside of situational and local concerns like naturally unfolded occurrences. The project oscillates between these two worlds and the visitors are physically moving between them by revisiting the site and following the paths.

More info available at: Clandulla State Gallery

Delicious words from Laura

Friday, August 26, 2011
Delicious words
One of the great advantages of going to conferences and lectures is the high incidence of words spoken that are simply delicious! Just saying them is enjoyable…

– verb (used without object)
1) to improvise; 2) to do or manage something in a makeshift way.

– noun
1) a wall or enclosure, as of a fortified place; 2) the place enclosed (this is particularly interesting as it means pregnant in French).

– adj – of or pertaining to teleology, the philosophical doctrine that final causes, design and purpose exist in nature.

– adj
1) stimulating interest as a means of furthering investigation;
2) encouraging a person to learn;
3) based on experimentation.

– noun
1) falsehood;
2) an instance of lying.

– noun
1) an apparition or specter;
2) a creation of the imagination.

– adj
1) not yet fully developed;
2) just begun; 3) lacking order.

– adj – beginning to exist or develop.

*all meanings taken from dictionary.com, somewhat edited in places…

mindmap observation

The possibility to offer a changeable, updateable navigation as well as a structure and possible outline of information which can be constantly modified and stays elastic, was best possible by the usage of analogue postits. This overview and wall of postits arrangement can be found as well in my studio, at my workspace, here online and in my notebook. I will arrange my mindmap according to this overview as well.
However, it is quite tedious to update the mindmap. My experiences are best described at http://experimentalart.unsw.wikispaces.net/F


Attempt to arrange my research and first potential outline for the current (satus sep 2011) step/situation of my exploration. I set up several buckets in ‚word‘ as well as on this blog website. They are the same and they should be filled parallel.

Categories with the letter C (conceptual) in front point to something conceptional, theoretical content like all keywords in the middle row. The letters Id (idea) in the front of my categories is for areas where I am planning to show results from own practice based research which can be found on the right column – these are currently areas like Biology, Language, Technology and Media. I am researching in these fields as well for possible solutions from other artists and designer, therefore the same categories exist as well with the letter S (solution) in front. As starters, introductional parts as well as areas of analysis or explanation I am integrating toplevel categories like:

Problem, Situation
Goal, Intention

Concept, Explanation

Analysis, Conclusion

All blog entries will be tagged with one of these categories. At the bottom of the blog under ‚Category‘ all entries will be listed according to the tag. This entry here will serve as a main entry to help navigation. A respective site ’navigation‘ with the same information can be found on the top of the blog.


relasticity is always inbetween. between forces and between different values. I need an action or a force to make the relasticity perceivable. Therefore a difference of values is necessary to be compared. There is agency involved in relasticity when it is stressed, compressed and tested under different circumstances and conditions. The concept of relasticity helps me to make the idea of agency perceivable and tangible.


In a culture different conceptional connecting factors and links are offered. Meanings are traded and negotiated.