Sydney – Articulate Space – Have Your Say 19.-20.12.2015



I am in a new bubble


Bubble Timer (2016)  with Peter Minson


P&O ( has on their website in the background left and right these flash animations. They are very relaxing (with the right music) and quite meditating. Furthermore they imply an ongoing rhythm, a moving forward, a never stand still, a constant movement of balancing … need to think how to integrate in the bigger idea about elasticity. The animation can be seen itself here as well:


Ahh, and the P&O website speaks about ‚Stretch your summer‘ …

Elastic Real Egg

This egg was 2 days in vinegar to disolve the lime shell. The result is an elastic egg.


Strange Elasticities

Confirmation – animated gif’s convey at least 2 different states of a thing, therefore we perceive a change through the animation.
This concept seems to work well for advertisements on loosing weight or sexual stimulation.


Ugly Elasticities

we need at least 2 values the perceive something as elastic:

Super Gravity – Zero Gravity, SkinSites,

Kampenwand – Inspiration for Stretched Door Sound

Inspiration for Stretched Door Sound found during hiking in the Bavarian Alps at the Kampenwand near Chiemsee.

3D Diagrams

Early thermodynamic models from  James Thomson, 1871
James Clerk Maxwell, 1874

Zierle&Carter performance with toastbread

Backgrounds for diagrams