research question 1

How to communicate the idea of elasticity in culture and how to make it explicit?


During my research and observational phase I am documenting what became aware to me. Especially during the Experimental Arts Class I realized how important it is, not to stop exploring. I will put up these videos under this blog entry. The context of interpretation is quite clear with some of the videos, with others I can’t specify so obvious, but something is there which makes me wondering, thinking, aware and calls my attention. Maybe it is just the awareness that all these things are connected. And similar to the Great Pacific Ocean Patch, this here is a point of accumulation of my own awareness patch.

Some of the videos can be quite contemplative. Enjoy:

Flickering Lamp (UNSW Campus)

Electrical Engineering Ants

Vibrant Matters (vibrating hand straps on the ferry to Watsons Bay)

Distorted Message (nervous surveillance camera in a bus)

Vibrant Matters 3 (onion skin moved by the wind)

Escaping Message (message on a sliding door in the mechanical engineers building)



Die Selbstzweifel der Wissenschaft: Ideale von Objektivitiät sind nicht zu halten. Der allumfassende Erklärungsanspruch ist nicht wirklich aufrecht zu erhalten. Das Weltbild der Naturwissenschaften realisiert sich nicht kritiklos. Dies ist der Versuch sich mit anderen Formen des Wissens auseinander zu setzen, neue Wissenräume in Bildern zu finden und die Wissensproduktion außerhalb des Verbalen zu erforschen.

Florian Dombois im Artmix-Gespräch bei Bayern 2 im Feb09


I am curious about the idea of connectivity and relasticity within changing systems like culture, language etc. And how to make this interwoven web of relationships and interactive structures explicit?

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