ARTICULATE, Sydney – seven artists celebrate

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featured artists

Bet(tin)a Bruder featuring Andräa Schmidt featuring Carmen Luippold featuring Roohi Ahmed featuring Vanessa Henn featuring Hiroko Tanahashi featuring Sandra Heinz featuring forever, 2017, mixed media.
Articulate turns seven, 9 – 23 December 2017, Friday to Sunday, 11-5pm

Manipulated clocks


Even better: placing the image in original size results in a distortion of the aspect ratio according to preformatted sizes of the template. This aspect of visual articulation is part of my exploration in the elastic screen project.

I manipulated the clockhands of conventional clocks and replaced them with elastic latex material. Suddenly gravity becomes an important and influencing factor in the display of time. Some specific constellations of the clockhands are difficult for the rotation of the clockhands: when the hourly and minute clockhand move on top of each other the clockhand for seconds does not have enough energy to move over them and gets stucked. Furthermore the display of time gets creatural and anthropomorphic. Physical factors are not settled or reduced to a controlled, well organised sequence. Instead, they are encouraged and made apparent.

Shrinking rulers

Rulers in different materials shrunken with pressure cooker.
10, 15, 20 minutes.

Shrinking Cups

First experiment with pressure cooker to shrink styrofoam cups: from left to right the cups are shown from original size to shrinking times in the pressure cooker between 10 min. – 25 min.
The scale is shrinking and the cups lose elasticity. Filling the cup with water results in a roman appearing shape.


Powerplug, registered and certified

Diffraction project – online prototype
Online version of diffraction project for elastic design. The size of the black overlay depends on incoming data from the environment (quality of air, water etc.) or the individual situation and respective information from user side such as duration of time spent online. Our line of sight is disturbed and redirected to the bordering areas of the site or image. This proposal works in a reverse manner than ‚Elastic screen 1‘.
Instead of the distortion of the image or the content itself, a reactive overlay is redirecting our attention and puts emphasis on ignored but participating factors of our experience. In the example of ‚duration spent online‘ the overlay disrupts our usual ways of seeing and perceiving. In this case the direct perception of website content and related online usage; time, which could have been spent otherwise. The redirection of our line of sight and the elasticity of the format or respectively the black overlay modify our perception with consequences on our thinking and our actions.

Click in the link above on the right top black button to activate the overlay.


Foucoult’s Yoyo

conceptual prototype for Foucoult’s yoyo. Basis for storyboard and 3D animation, study of movements.

Measurement Performance Rue Vaugirard, Paris

Measurement Performance Rue Vaugirard, Paris

Elastic Screen

Andrea and Frank test the app from Yoann.
Yelling at the screen distorted the image.

Egg as symbol for the molecular becoming (of thoughts)

Somehow fascinated by the elastic egg. It did not survive the stress test when I tried its bouncyness. However, the shape and consistency allows for further potential. Here it’s placed on a text discussing D&G interest in molecular biology and the parallels and influences from Jacob’s The Logic of Living Systems.