Relastic Bread

relastic test with bread, very nervous slice of toast.

Elastic Grid

In the same concept as the elastic meter, the elastic grid will be produced as A4 Sheet.
This is a handmade prototype. In my material research I could find this material

Modulor Latex (which can be extended by 800%)
and Modulor TPE (which is more resistent, and only 600% extendable).

Working with waterbased ink, but still breaking of:

Elastic Meter

In the attempt to produce an elastic meter, I finally found the material for it. I planned to have it ready for screen printing, but the quality of the screen with the marks for the measurements was too fine, so I need to reproduce the master drawing of the artwork. This is the second prototype of the elastic measure tape, which is still hand made.

here is a first prototype with 10cm

Stresstest with video camera

During the exhib with the rubberbands I installed a cam within the relastic web. I wanted to see how does the web itself see and how does it perceive the movements of the elastic structure. Here you get access to 2 videos. One of them is the isntallation of the camera, so that the setup is comprehensible. The second video is the point of view of the camera, it might get a bit delirious to watch it. However, the camera did not work anymore afterwards. I had to reset it, which was possible, but it seems like these kind of treatment is unusal for a camera – but in the end it survived the stress test.

short version POV cam

11.11.11 11.11

This was a short Pop-Up for 1hr and 11 min on 11.11.11 at 8.11pm in Sydney which was 11.11am in Cologne. This is the starting time of carneval in Germany. However, it is the day where many more things and events happened:

This installation took place in the stair case of George Street 47. More images here:

A quick edit and take down video here:

Each event is a piece of paper. The complete installation is 24 meter of underwear rubber band, with the complete list of events listed in wikipedia. Visitors could access via the fire exit and pull the strings to see the 5 level installation in action.



Just realized that I start to develop a bit of a pattern misusing cameras.
This is something I did 7 months ago. Maybe worth to keep this idea of stretching visual tools:

TREAT softly

This is an invention if it happens that you have to do an artpiece in an heritage protected building. I was asked to treat it softly and do not drill any holes or hooks inside the walls. I took this as a call for elasticity and developed this adaptable soft-soles. They have been well explored by Flavia and Raphael.
More here


Peter gave me his Lilypad-Stuff which I want to use for a little experiment.
First I needed to sort out the ingredients. They are beautyful as they are:

Soundfiles Test for Door Stretch

For the DoorSoundProject I expereimented with different treatments for the sound of the seigh (seighing door). In the end, a seigh is too short to be stretched and distorted. As soon as you extend, scratch or compress it, you lose the understanding that it is a seigh. These are examples of my sound experiments:


Extended Seigh

Normal Seigh

Backwards Seigh

Pop-Up Exhibition in the Rocks 02.-12.11.

With the methods of minimal interventions, misuse and reinterpretation of practices and standards I explore the priniciple of relasticity in the pattern of everyday life. The essence of my work is the observation and questionning of current routines, constructs and behaviours within transforming frameworks and perspectives in a social and cultural context. The convolution of the present interconnectedness of actions and meanings as well as the manifold different, invisible qualities of correlations are the core interest of my creative exploration. I aminterested in the relastic tactics and strategies how we cope with these complexities and how we attempt to control and understand them.

In this pop-up situation I am working with questionnaires, personal interrogations, mental propositions and invitations including experiments in language and usage of flexible materials to examine the narratives and social-symbolic reference points. To amplify the relastic approach I am changing my program on a daily basis.

Human CPU and elastic time

In a project during my masters I developed an approach to evoke sensualty in interfaces.
This is my starting approach

and deeper inside the site:
the timebar is elastic and can be adjusted to your needs.