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Beta Simultan, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia – Faculty of Art & Design

This site reflects the status of my encounters on the (r)elasticity of culture and the development of tools for  alternative understandings through the concept of elasticity. As this journey is in constant transition, the format of a blog seems the most flexible and modular solution. The focus on context can differ on each of the blog entries, but together they convey my ideas and interests reflecting the development and change of directions.

My MFA in Design and Technology on the topic of ’nothingness‘ can be read here: nothing





I borrow the term ‚maniflexo‘ from R. Wenzlhuemer (Winterschool, University Bern) for a manifesto about my way of working:


Do ignore this manifesto
Never stand still
oscillate constantly
change and adapt
Challenge limits and borders
See options and look for alternatives
Draw irrational connections
Expand your tolerance
Reduce to the max
From either/or to both/and
Connect with others and branch out to other disciplines
Expose and publish for feedback and discourse
Always keep the tension in your work.


My curiosity aims to explore and to proof the need for new creative strategies and tactics for communication which resonates both socially and technologically within our constantly progressing, pluralistic, heterogeneous world. Scope of this encounter is the analysis of existing, established creative principles and their evaluation and revision on today’s needs and requirements regarding questions of media and design. Many researchers, artists and designers have approached the discipline of art and design with the intent of building a cohesive understanding of principles and methods and the relationships that exist between different systems and interactions. In this work, I present a theoretical framework to support a systematic approach for researching and creating for the demand through a constantly changing environment, situation or context.

This is the attempt to integrate the moment of flexibility, relasticity, relativity and context dependancy in the process of creative transformation while still accommodate the problem of exchangeability versus autonomy and individuality of the creative solution. Various attempts and approaches have been developed but the system or leading principles can’t be described and determined completely and firmly. Contradiction, emergence, change and alteration belong to the system and can’t be defined on a fixed basis. This circumstance can be seen as the proof for the initial hypothesis which should be explored further. To investigate in the interplay of change and balance, chaos and order; then in a next step to transfer the knowledge to the creative process and develop further strategies and methods for the handling of complexity and change. The main challenge will be the contradiction between chaos and order – the idea to develop a constantly changing system of rules and standards and to allow for an open approach and way of thinking. This is the idea to give space to a subjective understanding and perception as well as the flexible usage of ideas and things.

“The future of design as a discipline is probably defined by its lack of respect for the boundaries of other disciplines, which can offer fresh perspectives on the research and insights of other fields. Hence, as the issues become more complex, that is, increasingly transdisciplinary, so the need for multidisciplinary approaches and interdisciplinary methods increases.”1

My project relasticity in culture / tools or elastic understanding is based in a interdisciplinary field and touches on communication issues and ecology. Therefore it may intersect with areas of biology, humanities and agriculture. The thesis will add significant knowledge and understanding to the fields of media arts and communication design by applying new methods with my practice based approach. The work is innovative and important through a conceptual development within the field of creative practice. Sustainability, swarm intelligence, Web 3.0, clima change and globalisation are key words of nowadays investigations. There is no attempt so far to find a connection between these areas and furthermore no research on the consequences for art and design.

The contribution to knowledge can be established by reviewing the concept and understanding of agriculture and permaculture and show how that knowledge can influence and develop further practice ind art, design and communication. The approach can be described as experimantal and comparative. I hope to find an understanding of how to cope with change, different basic conditions (like soil, cluster of plants, plant species, animal species, clima zones, DNA-profiles, weather, seasons …) and be able to transfer this knowledge to culture and therefore design and communication.

I propose to borrow the specific concept of permaculture and apply it to the area of communication design and design management, creative processes. Research through practice means precisely researching and describing experiences of my professional experience. Furthermore drawing analogies between biology and agriculture on one side and communcation, culture and design on the other side to get a better understanding of the dynamics which make a creative solution and suggestion successfull, understandable and working on a global scale while offering solutions as well on a local scale.

Methods will be in the area of observation, interviews, bionics, critical design, case studies, mind mapping, non-intentional design, design thinking, gardening, biological experiments.


1 Marshall, Tim (2008): Disziplin. In: Wörterbuch Design, Begriffliche Perspektiven des Design, Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel, S. 122


Misc Insp

Collection on findings in relation to books and theory on elasticity or respective areas:















Physical computing

Kokabakant  a 2 women collective with an experimental approach to physical computing

DIY wearable technology

Sarah Dahnke

Knitted Stretch Sensor 1

Knitted Stretch Sensor 2

Knitted Stretch Sensor 3


Inspiriation for content and concept


Fat, slim magnifying label (ref to distorted video formats)


Inspiration for PC, Workshops

Institute for Unstable Media, workshops

Hague, design and research

Vague Terrain

Tunable Stiffness Structures



Arduino (Audio)

Arduino Tutorial Homepage



Gib Gummi / Let’s burn rubber






The reason behind

Ferret Out Loopholes at Articulate in Sydney


Happy to exhibit my work at Articulate’s progressive Ferret show (13.02.-26.02.2018) in Sydney: Ferret Out Loopholes – stay offline for the day without TV, email or social media. Unfollow and unfriend. Declutter dependencies. Shift priorities. Downsize consumption. Reconsider commitments. Learn new skills. Stop buying. Turn off all notifications. Focus on real life by keeping whole days unplanned.


I am in a new bubble


Bubble Timer (2016)  with Peter Minson

UOS Kurzvorstellung

Selbstdarstellung OSNA2

ARTICULATE, Sydney – seven artists celebrate

#Sydney #sydneyart #articulate #glitchart #mixmediaart #photography #modernart # contemporaryart #art #atelier313 #installationart

featured artists

Bet(tin)a Bruder featuring Andräa Schmidt featuring Carmen Luippold featuring Roohi Ahmed featuring Vanessa Henn featuring Hiroko Tanahashi featuring Sandra Heinz featuring forever, 2017, mixed media. http://articulate497.blogspot.de/
Articulate turns seven, 9 – 23 December 2017, Friday to Sunday, 11-5pm

Finland swamp experience

Happy participant in the workshop from Jamie Allen, Martin Howse and Jonathan Kemp at Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station, Finland, 03.-05.09.2017


Preview: planetary counterpoles of Hyytiälä


Project examples:

Cups for Alice

Standard drinking cups made of polystyrene imprinted with a measurement scale were aboard of an oceanographic research vessel of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the US (NOAA) during an expedition in the Gulf of Mexico in a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV). Due to the increased air pressure, the cups shrank with every meter of descent resulting in tiny smurfed measuring cups. Link to video documentation, 2.25 min on Vimeo: Cups for Alice












Elastic Metric System

To facilitate the sociocultural transformation towards a culture with an enhanced sensorium, I implemented the New Elastic Metric System on an arbitrary basis as an intervention in public spaces such as cultural institutions and border areas.












Elastic Standard Metre

Unmeasuring the original metric system from 1795 located in Paris with the Elastic Standard Metre on a daily basis for one month. The measuring results varied each day. Video documentation, 2.30 min on Vimeo: Elastic Standard Metre












Organic Equilibrium

Transformed spirit levels with the vial embedded in organic materials to determine potential solutions outside of the binary paradigm (even / uneven) of conventional scientific rationality.












Disordered Zero Point of Clandulla State Forest

In a geometrical approximation the geographical zero point of Clandulla State Forest Gallery, NSW, Australia was determined at -32°53’37.6”, 149°56’6”. This mark was shifted to the main area of the open air exhibition (The Survey Show). Such flexibility of the zero point was represented by a mobile rotating device keeping the zero point in constant motion explicating the discrepancy between human made constructions and reality. Link to event: Clandulla State Gallery












Viscous Timespacematter

Bergson’s concept of duration as an immeasurable flow and intuitive sense of time in contrast to mechanized clock-time was the basis of several experiments about time. Revamped time keepers literally softened the rigidity of ordered time. Video documentation, 2.40 min on Vimeo: Viscous Timers













end of transmission

Disoriented Descartes in Grenoble (29.5.-04.09.16)


as part of Julien Villaret’s Ideal Reading at centre d’art Grenoble

Sydney – Articulate Space – Have Your Say 19.-20.12.2015



Sydney UTS – Happy with my students

Grad Show UTS Sydney

Grad show Vis Com UTS at the wharf in Sydney

20 November 2015 at 18:30 to 21 November 2015 at 16:00
Pier 2/3, Walsh Bay
Sydney, Australia 2000

For works – click below
UTS Sydney Visual Communication

Melbourne – Transversal Practice



Conference at VCA on New Materialism. More here:

Pure pleasure

Experimental Thinking / Design Practices


Ortho and Cups for Alice in Brisbane:
Experimental Thinking / Design Practices
18 September – 7 November 2015

Griffith University Art Gallery,
South Bank campus 226 Grey Street,
South Bank, Brisbane.

video: https://vimeo.com/138488176

The Tools – exhibition at gallery tête, Berlin