Elastic Bra

Testing out functionality of elastic funnels



Nervous Balance

submission to desert equinox festival

ink test screen print

For the production of the relastic mètre étalon and the relastic grid I made ink tests with respective elastic material. All inks are waterbased, Ben’s colour is a special ink for wallpaper. Normal waterbades screen printing ink in black and a textile screen printing ink. It was interesting to see how the structure is not as elastic and breaks of, breaks apart when there is too much stress. But an underlying imprint remains in the material. Currently I look into the possibility to get the latex material produced with the exercise grid included and not print on. However, these tests are insightful and will be executed further.

test setup

with Peter in Ballast Park – Gedankenexperimente for Diagrams


Backgrounds for diagrams


Relastic Bread

relastic test with bread, very nervous slice of toast.

Elastic Measure Cup

This is the idea to produce an elastic measure cup out of Latex. I would still need to do more research in technical possibilities.
This is a photo-sketch for the principle:

Elastic Grid

In the same concept as the elastic meter, the elastic grid will be produced as A4 Sheet.
This is a handmade prototype. In my material research I could find this material

Modulor Latex (which can be extended by 800%)
and Modulor TPE (which is more resistent, and only 600% extendable).

Working with waterbased ink, but still breaking of: https://vimeo.com/43602856

Elastic Meter

In the attempt to produce an elastic meter, I finally found the material for it. I planned to have it ready for screen printing, but the quality of the screen with the marks for the measurements was too fine, so I need to reproduce the master drawing of the artwork. This is the second prototype of the elastic measure tape, which is still hand made.

here is a first prototype with 10cm


Travel Sickness Bag as measurement

New measure on the travel sickness bags from German Wings. The measurement at the bottom says: little hole in the air. At the middle of the bag: turbulunces. At the top: prices of competitors