TREAT softly

This is an invention if it happens that you have to do an artpiece in an heritage protected building. I was asked to treat it softly and do not drill any holes or hooks inside the walls. I took this as a call for elasticity and developed this adaptable soft-soles. They have been well explored by Flavia and Raphael.
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Impressions from Exhib in George 85 1/2











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Visitors at Exhibition

can be seen here in 3 major execrices: analysing the experience, engaging with the installation, filling out the survey.
Here I give an introduction about the concept and reason behind the installation and topic of the exhibition.

Hooks for Relasticity

My favorite hook in George Street:



Peter gave me his Lilypad-Stuff which I want to use for a little experiment.
First I needed to sort out the ingredients. They are beautyful as they are:


These are the hooks from the elastic installation / exhibition NIEA PoPuP in the Rocks.


I am aiming to raise the idea for relativity, reference and relations within the concept of elasticity. Even if something is elastic it still relates to a context, it is not absolutely without context, it refers furthermore to an existing (hybrid) structure. The „R“ in front of „elastic“ radicalizes the idea of reference and relativity. „R“ is therefore an agent provokateur.


Soundfiles Test for Door Stretch

For the DoorSoundProject I expereimented with different treatments for the sound of the seigh (seighing door). In the end, a seigh is too short to be stretched and distorted. As soon as you extend, scratch or compress it, you lose the understanding that it is a seigh. These are examples of my sound experiments:


Extended Seigh

Normal Seigh

Backwards Seigh

Pop-Up Exhibition in the Rocks 02.-12.11.

With the methods of minimal interventions, misuse and reinterpretation of practices and standards I explore the priniciple of relasticity in the pattern of everyday life. The essence of my work is the observation and questionning of current routines, constructs and behaviours within transforming frameworks and perspectives in a social and cultural context. The convolution of the present interconnectedness of actions and meanings as well as the manifold different, invisible qualities of correlations are the core interest of my creative exploration. I aminterested in the relastic tactics and strategies how we cope with these complexities and how we attempt to control and understand them.

In this pop-up situation I am working with questionnaires, personal interrogations, mental propositions and invitations including experiments in language and usage of flexible materials to examine the narratives and social-symbolic reference points. To amplify the relastic approach I am changing my program on a daily basis.

UTC – time adjustment in Australia

This weekend the time got adjusted in Australia. The Coordinated Universal Time (abbreviated UTC) is the primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time ( Our perception is rather unelastic and we try to regulate, determine and establish in form of norms, guidelines, codes, behaviours, findings or rationales. These findings are worded in laws. Considerably many of these laws are broken, bent, constantly new negotiated, situationally interpreted. According to the area of context we can find more static and more soft norms. I found the committee for tolerances ( in the US working for and Therefore even the tolerances are determined. This is about the human notion for accuracy and preciseness which does not exist in the end. As it is not possible to demonstrate and constitute fixed laws we are working with the idea of ratio, proportion and relation to achieve a kind of stability and ability for operation. These can be seen at ‚if – then‘ statements and conditions. The committees, institutions and conferences are meeting in iterative, periodically place taking annual meetings for coordination and reconciliation of their decisions. During these meetings it is decided as well on follow-ups, reformations and reorganizations of existing laws. In terms of adjustments of times it is amazing how the world is continuing to turn, not caring of what we humans regulate around it. Isn’t it fascinating that we experience a time difference of 8 hours to Europe during Australian winter while in summer (European winter) we have 10 hours of difference. And in between we experience 1 month of transition or adaptation time as the Europeans change their time sometimes  end of October. This shows how flexible time is.

Clear Unclear

More Postits

Wonderful idea of how to work with Postits. It is nice that these Postits have no further information, just their colour which was the reason how they got arranged. This was seen at the open day at SCA. Like it.