new structure and focus

relasticity depends on the parallel possibility of 3 states or 3 situations: something is stable, something is stretchet, compressed or something is broken, snaped, split. Relasticity is the ecology to think all three states parallel. The image here is just a snapshot in time – therefore right now the structure can have changed already. fly got composted. image got deformed.

Original Meter

A picture of the original metre in Paris. Ken Alder writes about the phantastic story which took place between 1792 and 1799 to determine the meter. An interesting fact is that during the measurements for the original metre several mistakes happened, which led to the fact that the final original metre was a few milimetres too short: . This metre is quite unelastic as it is fixed in marble. Ken Alder shows on his webiste as well the method with which the original metre was established: The triangulation was the method to set the length of the metre. The exercise was made along the line of the meridian running through the Observatory in Paris from Dunkirk on the Channel in the north to Barcelona on the Mediterranean in the south.

For my research it is interesting that a straight line has to be determined by 3 points of views. This Wikipedia article states: „Triangulation today is used for many purposes, including surveying, navigation, metrology, astrometry, binocular vision, model rocketry and gun direction of weapons.“ (

Further interesting info on

11.11.11 11.11

This was a short Pop-Up for 1hr and 11 min on 11.11.11 at 8.11pm in Sydney which was 11.11am in Cologne. This is the starting time of carneval in Germany. However, it is the day where many more things and events happened:

This installation took place in the stair case of George Street 47. More images here:

A quick edit and take down video here:

Each event is a piece of paper. The complete installation is 24 meter of underwear rubber band, with the complete list of events listed in wikipedia. Visitors could access via the fire exit and pull the strings to see the 5 level installation in action.



Found this egg which did not want to break, must be a new invention.
Playing with our learnings and expectations. See yourself

Winterschool Blog

Our stuff from Winterschool in Bern is online. The posters of the participiants can be seen here


Just realized that I start to develop a bit of a pattern misusing cameras.
This is something I did 7 months ago. Maybe worth to keep this idea of stretching visual tools:

Exact Sciences

During the workshop in Bern we got a museums tour and visited the university where Einstein was working. The door at the entrance states: Exakte Wissenschaften – which means Exact Sciences.

mini elastic point

Found this wonderful rest of a flower and learned anthem, filament and stamen as part of a structure of a flower: I realised that structure does not always mean ‚industrial‘ structure. Maybe I’m taken in by a personal misinterpretation. Fascinating that at such a minimal spot is so much mobility. Videos here: To explain though quickly: the little black element (anther) is highly flexible. It is connected with the filament at a minimal point, at least in terms what I am able to notice and perceive with my eyes.


Highspeed Yoga

During the exhibition in George Street, friend and professional yoga teacher Christina came along to teach yoga positions in reference to flexibility. The poses remind of Erwin Wurm’s One Minute Sculptures, here

Survey on elasticity

During my exhibition in The Rocks, I undertook a survey to gain first ideas and impressions how people approach this topic.
You still can take part in the survey her:

TREAT softly

This is an invention if it happens that you have to do an artpiece in an heritage protected building. I was asked to treat it softly and do not drill any holes or hooks inside the walls. I took this as a call for elasticity and developed this adaptable soft-soles. They have been well explored by Flavia and Raphael.
More here

Impressions from Exhib in George 85 1/2











Watch more here: