Nature breaks through

Another photostream on observations on nature. With this collection on images I am documenting when nature seems to reach out, connect or breaks through, ignoring the borders from human beings. Can be seen here:


Natural rhizomes

The analogy to nature is obvious. Still fascinating and I won’t end to look at more. I hope to find a key in these analogies to move further. Start of this photostream can be seen at


Started to look at trees. Somehow these plants might be a resourceful object of observation due to the restricted relasticity. Trees can’t change their position but must remain flexible in order to be able to react to their environment, change of conditions. In this photo stream I am looking at trees as if they would look at me. As if they are persons and the part of their bark is their face. My friend Hiroko says that I am a tree, look like a tree and she gives all her children names of trees. With this image here I refer to an idea grown during the experimental arts workshop with Paul Thomas. I planned to use wrapping foil to wrap it around these massive fat trees in Centennial Park. Conceptionally this still needs more work but for now I put up the start of this collection.
Can be seen here: 

Inter-, Cross-, Trans-, Multidisciplicinarity

1 aspect of relasticity is connectivity as well as hybridisation. In academic and creative practice the usage of inter-, cross-, trans-, and multidisciplinary approaches especially in relation to ’new media‘ is proclaimed very often. What is the real difference? And how can I make these concepts and thoughts fruitful for my investigation? I will give a presentation on these topics and their potential at the University of Salzburg. I am aware of the controversy and critique of these concepts.

Vibrant Matters 2

I was at the harbour to find a spot where I can send a message in the bottle. I found this picturesque scenery which reminded me of Jane Bennets description of found items and their agency in her book Vibrant Matters – read an interview here: Philosophy in a time of error.

Click on the image if you want to see the video – great material and sound for meditation! Or find it here on vimeo.

Delicious words from Laura
Friday, August 26, 2011
Delicious words
One of the great advantages of going to conferences and lectures is the high incidence of words spoken that are simply delicious! Just saying them is enjoyable…

– verb (used without object)
1) to improvise; 2) to do or manage something in a makeshift way.

– noun
1) a wall or enclosure, as of a fortified place; 2) the place enclosed (this is particularly interesting as it means pregnant in French).

– adj – of or pertaining to teleology, the philosophical doctrine that final causes, design and purpose exist in nature.

– adj
1) stimulating interest as a means of furthering investigation;
2) encouraging a person to learn;
3) based on experimentation.

– noun
1) falsehood;
2) an instance of lying.

– noun
1) an apparition or specter;
2) a creation of the imagination.

– adj
1) not yet fully developed;
2) just begun; 3) lacking order.

– adj – beginning to exist or develop.

*all meanings taken from, somewhat edited in places…

research question 2

How to cope with this multiplicity of possibilities? Through constantly improving technology we are experiencing an increasement in possibilities and therefore complexity. Our knowledge is extending, the capacity for agency gets multiplied. My undertaking has the intention to make this development more tangible, apparent and recognizable.

research question 1

How to communicate the idea of elasticity in culture and how to make it explicit?

mindmap observation

The possibility to offer a changeable, updateable navigation as well as a structure and possible outline of information which can be constantly modified and stays elastic, was best possible by the usage of analogue postits. This overview and wall of postits arrangement can be found as well in my studio, at my workspace, here online and in my notebook. I will arrange my mindmap according to this overview as well.
However, it is quite tedious to update the mindmap. My experiences are best described at


Attempt to arrange my research and first potential outline for the current (satus sep 2011) step/situation of my exploration. I set up several buckets in ‚word‘ as well as on this blog website. They are the same and they should be filled parallel.

Categories with the letter C (conceptual) in front point to something conceptional, theoretical content like all keywords in the middle row. The letters Id (idea) in the front of my categories is for areas where I am planning to show results from own practice based research which can be found on the right column – these are currently areas like Biology, Language, Technology and Media. I am researching in these fields as well for possible solutions from other artists and designer, therefore the same categories exist as well with the letter S (solution) in front. As starters, introductional parts as well as areas of analysis or explanation I am integrating toplevel categories like:

Problem, Situation
Goal, Intention

Concept, Explanation

Analysis, Conclusion

All blog entries will be tagged with one of these categories. At the bottom of the blog under ‚Category‘ all entries will be listed according to the tag. This entry here will serve as a main entry to help navigation. A respective site ’navigation‘ with the same information can be found on the top of the blog.

Human CPU and elastic time

In a project during my masters I developed an approach to evoke sensualty in interfaces.
This is my starting approach

and deeper inside the site:
the timebar is elastic and can be adjusted to your needs.


During my research and observational phase I am documenting what became aware to me. Especially during the Experimental Arts Class I realized how important it is, not to stop exploring. I will put up these videos under this blog entry. The context of interpretation is quite clear with some of the videos, with others I can’t specify so obvious, but something is there which makes me wondering, thinking, aware and calls my attention. Maybe it is just the awareness that all these things are connected. And similar to the Great Pacific Ocean Patch, this here is a point of accumulation of my own awareness patch.

Some of the videos can be quite contemplative. Enjoy:

Flickering Lamp (UNSW Campus)

Electrical Engineering Ants

Vibrant Matters (vibrating hand straps on the ferry to Watsons Bay)

Distorted Message (nervous surveillance camera in a bus)

Vibrant Matters 3 (onion skin moved by the wind)

Escaping Message (message on a sliding door in the mechanical engineers building)